Multi-tiered interventions and forms of support for meeting educational needs: what works to improve learning and reduce school dropout levels?

How do we maximize learning opportunities for all students in ordinary school contexts? This is the necessary question in light of the current political will to include all interventions to support diversity in an inclusive school system that responds to all students in Catalonia at all grade levels. A similar approach places interventions to diversify the curriculum front and center and forces us to rethink what actions are being carried out, which ones work, which ones do not and what should be done to make them work better.

It is the same question that has prompted the experimentation and evaluation of many different interventions and programs everywhere to offer a comprehensive and effective response to different learning paces and needs, in equitable conditions with equal opportunities. It is also the question that has motivated the present systematic review of empirical evidence and aims to contribute to the debate within the Catalan educational system on the effectiveness of these educational interventions and forms of support.